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  • The goal of our project was to generate more leads for our business and these goals were exceeded. You will not find a better company to handle your social media.

    Colin Eby, Owner and Operator, CVE Mortgage Group
  • We'd previously struggled to find a copywriter who "got it." We'd struggled to find a copywriter who could capture just the right voice, and who could communicate our message in just the right way. Carly knocked our socks off. She nailed it from the very first project and just got better and better.

    Kathryne Auerback, Director, National Center for Student Life
  • Carly has been incredible to work with. I thought I knew what I was doing in social media marketing but it turns out I knew only a fraction. Carly has taken our social media exposure to new heights and I could not be happier with her services.

    Sarah Vander Heide, Owner of Photography by SSV and 360 Real Tours
  • I had the good fortune to have a consultation with Carly and it was SO helpful! I know my business will prosper with all the great new tools she suggested I use to be successful. She was very organized and covered so many areas in a short time- being fairly novice at social media it was well worth the investment. Thanks Carly!

    Christine Hickson, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Owner of Healthy Now

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    • unplugging

      I have a confession to make.

      I’ve spent the last two months questioning my business: Why am I doing this? What value am I bringing my clients? Where do I want this to go?

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    • social media

      I received one of the greatest compliments a copywriter can get this past month: an author hired me to write the About page on her website.

      Yes, even writers have a hard time writing their bio. It’s hard for us to talk about ourselves. Sometimes, we all need a little external perspective to help us see our lives, our businesses, our accomplishments, in a new light.

      Fortunately, this is where Web of Words comes in.

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    • copies

      They say when someone copies you, that you should take it as a sign of success. Like you’ve been building your career only to let it be judged by the emulation of others.

      It doesn’t make the fact any easier to accept.

      As an artist, as an entrepreneur, your ideas, your words, your creations are what make you who you are. You feel this burning desire to share them with the world, because you’re told that is the only way to make them real. But who stops them from being stolen?

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    • entrepreneur_rework

      If I were a season, I think I would be spring.

      I admire her strength – how after a few failed attempts at battling winter’s harsh wind and grey skies, she always finds a way to pull through. I love the way she brightens the day; even for those who see the world differently than she does.

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