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Entrepreneurship is No Fairy Tale

So much can happen in a year.

You fall in love. You lose a job. You move to a new city.

You have your first kiss. You lose your best friend. You renovate the kitchen.

Some of it you plan for. Some of it makes you ache for a rewind button.

And sometimes, you stumble across something that just feels right.

There’s no way of knowing when, or how or who. Life just happens. It happens slowly. It happens fast. It happens while you’re asleep. It happens while you’re walking down the street.

Some days you sit behind the steering wheel. Other days, you watch from behind the glass.

But no matter what happens, the only person who can choose how you decide to approach your life is you.

And every once in a while you have to take a risk. You have to do something you’re afraid of. It’s the only way you’ll change. It’s the only way you’ll grow.

One year ago I quit my full-time job with the steady pay cheque so I could be the boss. I did it for the freedom. Not the freedom to walk the dog in the middle of the day (although it’s certainly a perk of the job). I did it for the freedom to experiment, the freedom to create. I did it for the freedom to test myself, for the freedom to really understand what I am capable of.

Over the last 12 months, I set a lot of goals. I made a lot of plans. Some worked, others had to be re-worked, and then re-worked again.

Some days my shoulders felt so heavy, I couldn’t type. Some days my mind was so full, I couldn’t distinguish my left from my right.

Other days, I felt like I was floating. I felt like I had landed on the moon. Those were the days I knew I found something worth fighting for; something I couldn’t stop thinking about; something that made my heart so full I thought it might burst.

Maybe this is a romanticized way to describe my first year as an entrepreneur… But screw it… Sometimes, we need a little romance. Entrepreneurship is no fairy tale, but it’s certainly some kind of love story. It has to be if it’s going to work, if it’s going to last.

One year ago, I never would have expected to be here, doing this.

But I took the leap. I made a change. I built something new.

I did it without knowing how high it would grow; I did it without fearing how hard it could fall.

I did it one day at a time.

Every day, I make the choice to go out and ride the wave. Some days are stormy, others calm. No matter the weather, I try to live in the moment, feeling the wind in my hair, watching the clouds roll across the sky.

And when I crash, I get back up again.

I know the year ahead will bring even bigger waves, and even bigger crashes. But I won’t be doing it alone.

That’s right, the Web of Words team is growing. I’m not a solopreneur anymore.

I’ll still be here, of course, spilling the words onto the page, fluffing them, folding them, shaping them into the stories they were meant to be.

But I’ll have more hands behind the scenes, helping me make this dream of mine even bigger, even better than it could ever possibly be if it was only me.

In fact, it’s no longer my dream; it’s ours. And I believe two minds are even greater than one, four hands more constructive than two.

When I started Web of Words, it was my turn to take a risk. Now, my husband gets to join me.

Yes, 2016 is going to bring a lot of changes.

So much can happen in a year.


Charlotte Ottaway

Charlotte is the founder of Web of Words. She helps solopreneurs and small business owners create real human connections online through blogging and social media. Her work has been published in Maclean's, Canadian Business, Zoomer, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post Canada and other Canadian publications. Better known by family and friends as Carly, she currently resides in Newmarket with her husband and fur-babe. To learn more, check out her portfolio at charlotteottaway.com and follow her on Twitter @charlottaway.