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#WOWfactor (n) *short for Web of Words Factor*:
a technique used to turn social media followers and blog readers into long-term, paying customers.

Featuring five steps to establishing an authentic and trustworthy Web platform, and practical exercises you can complete to take your social media to the next level.

  • "This is SO worth getting. It was a great way to think of the future of my businesses! Thank you!"

    Amanda Gobatto, Owner, Multi-Testing Mommy
  • "...it was super helpful as a brainstorming session which allowed me to dissect my business, revisiting why I started it in the first place. These quick steps took the complexity out of whatever I was doing before and brought me back to basics. I have a focus now and some new ideas. Most of all, the #WOWfactor toolkit reassured me that my personal approach to my business was not only acceptable, it's preferable and I should do more of it."

    Charlene Bailey, Skating Consultant/Costume Designer
  • "This is so helpful and an extremely useful guide to social media. I just did a 100 day Social Media training that went through the most popular platforms and your guide summed up everything. Be thoughtful in your posts. Social media is about your grand adventure, not a sales pitch or meaningless posts. Thanks Car!"

    Cassandra Berkelmans, Network Marketer, It Works Global

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