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Navigating My Writing Path – I C Summer Blog Tour

Lately, I have been working closely with my writing and publishing mentor and friend, Sheri Andrunyk, founder of I C Publishing and the I C Bookstore. Sheri is an entrepreneur expert, and author of Working From Home & Making it Work and Hearts Linked by Courage. I’ve learned so much from Sheri already about the publishing process and I look forward to joining forces with her on a number of exciting upcoming projects. 

The first project we are launching together is the I C Summer Blog Tour. Both Sheri and I participated in The Writing Process Blog Tour a couple of months ago and we thought it would be a great idea for I C Publishing to launch a tour of its own. The topic is on Navigating the Writing Path: From Start to Finish. You can follow along with the tour on Twitter using #ICBlogTour.

Here’s a closer look at my writing path:

How do you start your (writing) projects?

Starting is the most challenging part. It feels like so much effort goes into those first words on the page (and they’re usually edited out anyway). But if we’re getting technical, my writing projects begin long before the words form across the screen.

The research comes first. I really like to dig into the topic at hand and immerse myself in the subject matter. If I am writing a blog post for a client, I want to do as much research as possible, not only on the topic at hand, but also on the client, so I am confident in my ability to capture their voice. I read articles, watch TED Talks or other educational videos, search competitors, and interview thought leaders until I feel like I am an expert on the topic and can represent the client to the best of my abilities.

As for the book I am currently writing, I’ve been researching and interviewing for months and have yet to form a full sentence (but I have endless notes to refer to when the time comes).

How do you continue your writing projects?

After researching, I create an outline based on my notes, capturing all key points I am looking to cover. I find the first sentence is a lot less intimidating when I have a detailed outline to follow.

I keep myself quite organized. I am obsessed with lists and I keep track of all of my tasks at hand, prioritizing which ones are most important, and working my way through. I find this keeps me productive, as it allows me to maximize my “creative” time working on the projects that matter most. Unfortunately, I do get to a point where my imagination for the day runs dry, which is when I dedicate time to smaller tasks that are not so demanding in this area.

How do you finish your project?

I will admit I have a hard time actually letting go of a project and admitting I am “finished.” As wonderful as the feeling of checking an item off my list is, I find I rarely feel the satisfaction of something being truly complete. I have found ways to manage my inner perfectionist, though, and I know when it is time to let go and start on the next assignment. Of course, the time to “let go” comes after significant re-writing, editing and polishing.

I expect the notion of finishing will be even more daunting when I take the step to actually publish my first book – there’s an overwhelming feeling of permanence I’ll have to face. After all, you can always log in and edit a blog post previously posted online.

Include one challenge or additional tip that our collective communities could benefit from.

Tip: Take every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. In writing, we are our own worst critics. Rather than comparing your work to that of a friend, colleague or favourite author, see how it differs from what you were working on at this time a year ago. Take note of what has improved, and highlight areas where you can be better.

Passing the Pen

I am thrilled to introduce the writers who will continue the I C Blog Tour below. Check them out on Wednesday, June 25th.

Douglas Owen is a Canadian writer of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fiction living in Stouffville, Ontario. Doug has one Young Adult Fantasy novel published, called “A Spear in Flight” and will be releasing the follow up novel “A Sharpe Spear Point” summer of 2014. Also releasing this summer is “Inside My Mind – Volume 1” a collection of short stories and flash fiction.
Blog/website: daowen.ca
Facebook: Douglas Owen

Lindsay Leggett is a writer, editor, photographer, and all-around artist living in the wilds north of Northern Ontario. She thrives on the juxtaposition of beauty and grit, enjoys urban crawls, indie everything, and time well-spent in the woods.
Blog/website: BurningTree.ca
Twitter: @akabins

I’m also excited to pass the pen to new I C Publishing authors:

Jenna Stewart is a gifted artist and author of the book There Is This Place—a story about seeing the magic in the ordinary things and remembering that sometimes, the most beautiful is the simplest. Also a public school teacher, Jenna brings into the classroom her talents and affection for creativity.
Website/Blog: www.jennastewart.ca

Marie Ryckman is a Psychotherapist who supports people to re-discover who they are, to find love, joy and purpose in their lives. She is co-founder of the Renew You Women’s Weekend, an experiential workshop facilitator, and author of the upcoming book 7 Steps to Rediscovering YOU—and Loving What You Find!
Website/Blog: www.marieryckman.com


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  1. Hi. I’m Alisa (half of the Clifford Rush writing team). Love the name of your blog. Have you seen the ebook Public Speaking Lessons from TED Talks? It’s short, only 99¢, and it has some good tips. I also liked your suggestion of comparing your own writing over a period of time. Excellent idea and I think writers might be surprised at the improvement / differences they see as their craft continues to evolve and improve. My IC Publishing Summer Blog tour date was yesterday. I see they are working to show all the links as comments on the first blog post. Another great idea! I’m enjoying reading the various posts. Mine is at: http://www.cliffordrush.com/2014/07/mary-mary-quite-contrary-ic-blog-tour/.


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