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Global News: How to Find Supportive Partners

Charlotte Ottaway, owner of content marketing company Web of Words, says that although she was always career-oriented, she ended up marrying at 25 after she found a supportive partner. “I never felt like I had to choose between my relationship and my career. Ever since I met him, my husband has always been my greatest fan in life. He is constantly encouraging me to chase my dreams, and challenging me to face my weaknesses,” she says.

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Spotlight: Charlotte Ottaway

Charlotte Ottaway, also known as Carly, is the founder of Web of Words, where she helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs create meaningful connections online through blogging and social media marketing. She is a freelance writer and editor with interests in conscious entrepreneurship, creative muse, generational differences and the future of work. Her work has been published in Canadian Business, Zoomer Magazine, The Globe and Mail and The Huffington Post Canada. She also co-founded The Reply, an online magazine for millennials looking to break the status quo.

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Freelancer Spotlight: Carly Ottaway

I love learning from other successful freelancers and online business owners. It’s how I got so smart!? Today we chat with Carly Ottaway, the super talented writer from Web of Words and one of the people behind The Reply – a digital magazine for and about Millennials. Carly is here to share with us the ups and downs of her freelancing journey.

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Charlotte Ottaway: Crafting stories for brands

When your name is your brand, owning the right domain is critical. That was the case for freelance writer, editor and social media expert Charlotte Ottaway.

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The Reply From Carly Ottaway

The Internet has provided a wealth of career opportunities for those willing work hard. Carly Ottaway is one such person. Leaving a full time job in pursuit of internet self-employment, her experiences are an example of what to expect when journeying away from traditional employment. It had been her dream to pursue a writing-based career.

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