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Promotional Video

Are you ready to use video marketing to get you more sales?

Research shows 70% of consumers turn to the Web when researching a particular product or service. This is why your website, blog and social media play a pivotal role in the sales cycle. They help your prospects get to know you. They help web visitors understand who you are and what your brand is all about.

People want to connect with something real – something human.

And video is the closest way of bringing this experience to your audience online. Video humanizes the business owner and brand, building a level of trust and comfort that is critical when it comes to a buying decision.

A well-produced promotional video can help bring in new clients, as it reinforces all of those good feelings they’ve heard described by their friends. And people want to feel something when they’re connecting with a brand. A video can show your personality, describe your services in detail and help viewers relate to your brand on a whole other level they wouldn’t normally find online.

Reach out to find out more about our one to three minute #WOWfactor videos for small businesses.