When we first voiced our decision to go into business together, we got a lot of looks. “You’re brave,” people would say. “How will you separate life from work?”

I don’t think there is any perfect answer to that question.

Have there been hard times? No Doubt. Have there been times where we were at each other’s throats? Sure. But has it been the most rewarding experience professionally, and personally, that we have had together? You betcha.

Just over a year ago I joined Web of Words, and my wife, Carly, on this journey that she started exactly one year before that. Though we had long talks leading up to me joining the fight, nothing can actually prepare you for the real thing. Waking up next to the same person you work with every day? Admittedly, it does not—and will not—work for some people.

But here’s the thing… When it does work, I believe it can lead to our best work.

Who knows better than your spouse what buttons to push to make you stretch your limits further, to make you more creative, to help you look at something from a different perspective? No one has challenged me more, both creatively and professionally, than my wife and now business partner.

Of course, every day presents a new challenge.

Just like in most new jobs or careers, there was definitely a “feeling out” process. But this process was much shorter and more fruitful when done with Carly, than I experienced in any previous position I held.

In many ways, we’re opposites. She’s the dreamer; I’m the realist. She starts the fire, and I maintain the flame.

Our diverse backgrounds end up complimenting our working style. She’s the barista-turned-bartender, freelance writer, and senior content manager; I’m the university orientation chair, event planner, retail manager and small business operations officer.

And while five years ago we may not have guessed we’d end up where we are today, we are both so grateful to be on this adventure together.

Together, we are working towards our shared dream of managing our own company. We’re doing it our way, making our own rules, and helping our clients better themselves and their brands along the way.

What a ride this last year has been.  Without a shadow of a doubt, working with my spouse has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

I hope that by sharing our story, other couples like us – the ones who are tired of long commutes, pointless meetings, and glass ceilings – will feel inspired and encouraged to make a change.

We took the leap. You can, too.

Just be prepared to ask the hard questions. Get ready to stretch way beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. And to put it all on the line.

The risk may be high; but the reward is worth it.