They say year two is one of the hardest years to survive as an entrepreneur. This past year has certainly presented its share of obstacles. It’s not easy when your work is so entrenched in your personal lives. It’s not easy drawing the line between being business partners and husband & wife.

But if you find a way to do it effectively, we believe there is no greater force to build a business with. Web of Words is truly designed with love.

It’s created from a desire for creativity. A passion for the hustle. A hunt for the freedom to shape our own lives.

But most importantly, it’s created by YOU. Our clients. Our followers. Our supporters. Our friends and family.

You are the ones who have made year two one we will look back on with pride. You are the ones who have made our dreams possible.

Thanks to you, we made it.

And you better believe we’re only going to get better and stronger from here.