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When Everything Happens All At Once: Monthly Goals

Being in business for yourself changes you.

You’re constantly figuring out who you are, and what your business is about, and then figuring it all over again, because as time passes, it all evolves. You evolve.

I’m excited to say I’m a hop, skip and a jump away from meeting my first income goal of 2015. And I’m set up to hit it right on schedule — at that big ol’ six month mark.

Holy smokes, I’m almost at the six month mark.

I can honestly say the past five months have been the scariest, busiest, most thrilling and most rewarding months of my entire career so far. And I have no doubt this pace is only going to continue. As long as I remember to stop and take a breath once in a while, I think I’ll do just fine. In fact, I’m pretty confident I’ll do more than fine.

May has been a big month — and a lot of the major milestones I’ve been aiming for have been met within the last week or so.

When you’re a solopreneur, you realize that it’s not unusual for everything to happen all at once.


In addition to signing on two new clients this week, I also made it to the top of The Huffington Post’s Featured Blogs section on the homepage. Like I said, these last five months have changed me, and I recently felt inspired to write a story about the role my husband has played in all of this. I’ve faced two significant transformations in my life over the last two years: one was making the leap to self-employment and the other was getting married. I felt vulnerable publishing this story for the world to read, but I also realize some of my favourite posts to read have been born out of vulnerability.

Facing your fears pays off.

On that note, here’s where I’m at with my goals for Q2:


✔ Find three six new small business clients. (I did it again. Three last month and another three this month.)
✔ Write for a new magazine/blog. (I’m going to go ahead and count the HuffPost story for this one.)
✔ Launch podcast for The Reply.
✔ Take a writing/marketing course.
✔ Blog at least twice a week for Web of Words.
✔ Build sponsorship plan for The Reply. (We have some big ideas lined up for the fall).
✔ Create an outline for biz e-book PDF download. (I’ve modified this a bit, but it’s getting there. Hoping to release in June!)
✔ Read #GirlBoss. (Loved it and totally recommend it.)
✔ Attend regular networking events.
✔ Join a new networking group.
✔ Host a workshop. (I co-hosted my first blogging workshop just last night. Already planning the next one.)
✔ Give a social media presentation.


✔ Continue to track all personal spending.
✔ Automate finances.
✗ Open new bank accounts for specific savings goals.
✔ Contribute savings goals every month. (So far so good.)
✗ Get a new rewards credit card.
✔ Bring in an extra $400 on top of regular income in May (woohoo!)
✔ Buy a new house. (This one wasn’t on the original list, because we didn’t know how long the process would take. We were prepared for it to get pushed into next year. But the stars aligned, and we made it happen. I told you, it’s been a wild month.)


✗ Workout three times per week. (I started running again, but my routine sucks right now.)
✗ Schedule one date night per week. (Yikes!)
✔ Take weekly trips to the trail with the dog.
✗  Eat more vegetables. (I can do better.)
✗ Prep homemade lunches daily. (Big fail this week. But the whole home-buying-and-selling thing may have had a little something to do with it.)
✗ No fast food. (Ugh. See excuse above.)
✔ Plan cottage weekend getaway with friends.

Wow, I’ve hit all of my professional goals for Q2 and I still have one whole month left. This makes me realize just how hard I’ve been on myself this past week, and once again it goes to show why it’s important to track your goals. I really need to cut myself some slack. I’ve managed to continue full speed ahead despite the disruptions happening in my personal life.

That said, I still have to stay on track in order to truly check everything off, and I’m also going to add a few extra professional goals for June:

1. Find one new small biz client.
2. Contribute to a new magazine/blog.
3. Participate in a blog tour.

Financially, things are going to get a bit expensive over the next few months between preparing for the move and a family wedding coming up. All the more reason to stick to the budget in the regular categories, and cut down on the extras (like eating out at restaurants). I’ve managed to keep my retail shopping habits in check, and plan to continue this well into the summer. To be honest, I’d rather splurge on a new mattress for the new house than a new wardrobe, so that mindset will help me keep my priorities in line.

Anyway, enough about me. Have you made some progress on your goals this month? Any plans for the weekend ahead? Let me know in the comments below.


Charlotte Ottaway

Charlotte is the founder of Web of Words. She helps solopreneurs and small business owners create real human connections online through blogging and social media. Her work has been published in Maclean's, Canadian Business, Zoomer, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post Canada and other Canadian publications. Better known by family and friends as Carly, she currently resides in Newmarket with her husband and fur-babe. To learn more, check out her portfolio at and follow her on Twitter @charlottaway.

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