Use your voice, tell your story and

Embody the Brand
You Want To BECOME

Attract your dreamiest clients and your wildest desires

with an impact-driven online presence that is…


Give them an experience they can’t live without.

Here’s how Web of Words can help…

Creative Copywriting

Find your voice, share your value and grow your business with web, email and sales copy that attracts and retains your dream clients (and repels the not-so-dreamy ones).

Elevated Web Design

You deserve to take up space – in the boardroom and on the Internet. But first, you need to design a place where your soul-mate client feels right at home.

Authentic Branding

You’re not just building a business, you’re building a brand. If a picture says 1,000 words, what does your branding say about what it means to work with you?

Timeless Social Media Marketing

Stop your prospects mid-scroll with authentic, engaging content that has them screaming, “This is for me!” We’ll work closely with you to capture your voice and craft compelling stories to showcase your value and grow your business.

Show the world what you’re made of.

It’s not just about selling and scaling

Your dreams for your business are so much bigger than that.

It’s no secret there aren’t enough female CEOs sitting at the table. We’re on a mission to create more seats. We do this by empowering you to step into the power of your story. And to share it in a way that fosters real connections and inspires movements.

Our boutique creative agency specializes in providing done-for-you services, including copywriting, web design, branding and social media marketing. We help you connect with your why and feel aligned in your messaging so you can create a client experience they can’t live without.

Our work is making headlines

You can find our words and stories in…

Expand your impact with ease.

Get the SCROLL STOPPER starter pack.

This isn’t just about nailing your marketing; it’s about starting a freaking movement. One focused on connecting, empowering and inspiring the dream clients you can’t wait to work with.

The Scroll Stopper is a digital micro magazine showcasing our favourite tips and tricks to help you make a real impact.

Sign up now for FREE access, and get your hands on our Starter Pack First Edition, showing you how to:

Write a value statement that packs a punch.

Build a one-of-a-kind email freebie.

Create a welcome sequence that connects and converts.

Client love letters

We love writing words for our clients, but we love reading the words they share with us even more.

Carly, Luke, and the WOW dream team made my branding and website vision an awesome reality. I honestly can’t believe how they understood and implemented what I wanted, even when I couldn’t articulate it myself. They actively listened, were enthusiastically in my corner and were just as excited about my project as I was. And my website is INCREDIBLE.

Their vibe is infectious and you’ll kick yourself for sitting on working with them.

– Katrina Molloy
The Kat’s Meow Beauty Co.

Web of Words did an incredible job of really capturing the feel of Happy Bones in writing AND style. They were timely, organized, professional and communicated with ease!

My one focus when opening Happy Bones was to stay away from a sterile, stuffy clinic feel and to welcome a connected, homey community feel into the space.That request definitely extended to the website feel I requested! Web of Words got into my head and made my website dreams come true! They nailed it!

If you’re looking to support local and looking for web design and/or copy- talk to these incredible people!

– Kaylene Joseph
Happy Bones Wellness

The Social Media Strategy Session with Web of Words has me feeling confident and excited to launch a social media account for my new business. Giustina really understood my direction and was able to provide me with so many great tips and tools to get started. This was a really valuable session for me, I would recommend it to anyone trying to make an impact on social media.

– Shannon Kemp
Ice Works Bath Co.

omg, I can’t….how do I leave a review using my WORDS when in all honestly, it’s the way they made me FEEL. The feeling I experienced working with Web of Words is one I’ll always be thankful for. They allowed me to keep my creative freedom and this is something I really appreciated. When I read the copy that Carly wrote, I cried. When I saw the website Sam and Luke created for my Pilates business and I said out loud “it’s so me!”

Forever thankful! They rock.

– Brittany Brie D’Amico
Brittany Brie Movement

Before I hired Web of Words I was struggling to show up consistently on social media and had very little strategy around what I was posting. After outsourcing this to them, I was able to post regularly, and not surprisingly, had my highest cash months. It felt great having experts in my corner to articulate my thoughts and strategies in such a powerful way!

The Web of Words team is so freaking good at knowing the right questions to ask to pull your thoughts and strategies out of you. They then take what you say and create the most amazing content with it. It feels like I wrote it, but way better than I could write it! They nail it every time.

– Sarah Lambert
Business Coach

No more playing small.


If you’re ready to take the next step, fill out this quick and easy form to inquire and we’ll take care of the rest.

Just floating into your feed to remind you…

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

You can be the face of your brand—the one showing up consistently on social, making sales with dreamy clients—without feeling attached to your phone.

You can build deep connections with a thriving community and have a real impact in the online space — without burning the eff out trying to keep up with the algorithm.

You can actually have FUN with your content creation and enjoy showing up and sharing your story — without feeling like you have to perform for the latest trend.

The best part? You can get strategic support from a marketing agency without needing an agency-sized budget.

Over the years, we’ve continued to refine our DONE-FOR-YOU (DFY) social media services to deliver the best results for our clients.

Now, we’re creating something new. Instead of doing it FOR you, we’re doing it WITH you.💁🏻‍♀️

We already have dream clients jumping in with two feet and we haven’t even released the full details yet. DM us “GET SOCIAL” for a sneak peek. Spots are extremely limited.

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He understood the assignment 😂

Here’s your weekly reminder to have a little more fun with your content creation.

And be sure to share this reel if you can relate. Luke will love that.😜

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Your story holds so much power.

You just have to be brave enough to share it with the world.

When you do, your impact stretches even further than you realize. You’re becoming an expander not just for those closest to you, but also for strangers on the Internet you’ve never met before.

When you show up to share your story and offer proof of possibility for others, you are also:

✨Inspiring them to make real, positive changes in their lives (and the lives of others).

✨Giving them permission to show up and share their story, too.

This is the power of a good story.

Worth putting yours out there, don’t you think?

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