Here’s What Happens When You Speak Your Truth on Social Media

by | Oct 29, 2020

Are you afraid to have an opinion on social media?

You shouldn’t be.

Our stories are made up of the experiences, values and opinions that shape who we are.

When you have the courage to be honest and vulnerable online, your social media presence becomes so much more powerful. Your message starts resonating with your audience. You begin to make them feel something real.

This is how you build a meaningful—and human—connection online.

Let’s be clear: I’m not suggesting you go off on a political or religious rant on your Instagram stories.

I’m not saying you should start airing your dirty laundry on Facebook.

But you need to get comfortable with being yourself online.

As a result, you’ll start attracting the people who share similar values and beliefs as you do.

Better yet, you’ll start pushing away those who don’t.

Because the thing about your brand presence is: it’s not meant to please everyone.

You should be speaking to one person—and one person only—when it comes to what you’re posting online.

This person is your ideal client. It’s the person you love working with, the one who is the absolute best fit for your brand.

This is how you entice more of the right clients—and push away more of the wrong ones.

After all, who wants to waste time and energy dancing around clients who are not meant for your business? Clients who don’t believe in the work you are doing, and aren’t willing to invest in your products or services?

Your social media presence is the first touch point of your sales funnel—and the number of people it repels is just as important as the number of people it attracts.

So don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Your ideal clients will love you for it. And the haters don’t matter anyway.

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No one does what you do the way you do it.

The only way to prove it to your prospects is to clearly communicate what you do and why they need you. An investment in your brand voice is an investment in your business.

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