Your Unique Value Add: No One Does What You Do, The Way You Do It

by | Nov 2, 2020

What’s your unique value add (UVA)? Your key differentiator?

Why do clients choose YOU over the competitor down the street (or down the “scroll”)?

If you aren’t able to articulate your answer to this question, then how can you expect your dream clients to have the answer?

Often, business owners jump into their content marketing without laying the proper groundwork for their brand.

But you can’t build an empire without a solid foundation.

You need to clearly communicate what you do and how you’re different in order for clients to choose you.

This is the language you use to make up your business statement, or your “I help” statement in your Instagram bio. And it should be reinforced in everything you do and every piece of content you share with the world.

Try this:

Grab your pen and notebook and write down five skills/attributes that make you and your product/service different. Circle the one skill/attribute that is most relevant to your target audience. (For example: “simplify”).

Now, write down what you do in its simplest form. I’m talking 2-3 words max. (For example: “accounting”).

Next, describe what your ideal client will experience/accomplish after working with you. (For example: “save time and money”).

Finally, write down the long-term transformation your client will experience. (For example: “scale your business”).

Put it all together, and what do you get?

“We simplify your accounting, saving you time and money you can re-invest into scaling your business.”

*BAM* Now you can add it to your Instagram bio. Don’t forget to save this post so you can reference it later.

Looking for more help defining what makes you different? We’ll dive deep into your brand mission and key differentiator during your Social Strategy Session. Apply now.

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No one does what you do the way you do it.

The only way to prove it to your prospects is to clearly communicate what you do and why they need you. An investment in your brand voice is an investment in your business.

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