Build a scroll-stopping social media presence

Forget the vanity metrics: we’re all about that ROI.

When you started your own business, you knew your role as CEO meant wearing many hats.

But maintaining the responsibilities of “social media strategist” and “content creator” is starting to feel like a full-time job in itself.

You know social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to growing your business.

But as you continue to grow and evolve, you’re realizing you can’t do it all on your own anymore.

Your time and energy is much better spent elsewhere, anyway.

At Web of Words, we focus on creating an intentional social media content strategy that feels authentic to you and attracts your dream clients with ease.

Our done-for-you packages focus on creating value-packed content that establishes your authority, builds trust with your community, and converts scrollers into buyers and subscribers.

We dig deep into the story behind your brand and the transformation you offer – not just WHAT you do, but WHY your clients need you.

Our social media packages are for you if:

You’re not just looking to get more followers; you’re interested in real business growth.

You have a clear vision for your business, an established product suite, and a strategic plan – you just need the content strategy to match.
You understand how valuable social media is to your business, you just don’t know how to execute.
You’re overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all of the updates and the algorithm, and trying to do it all on your own.
You’re wasting time, energy and money posting without any real strategy, and you’re ready to level up.
You’re looking for a collaborative partnership with a team of professionals who will get to know your brand and dream client as well as we know our own.
You don’t have the time to do it all on your own (and if you’re being honest, social media is outside of your wheelhouse).

When I started working with the WOW team I was struggling to find the words to explain what my business brought to the table in a way that was suitable on social media. I had the expertise but didnt know how to convey it to the world. Your team brought it all together for me. They were able to decipher what needed to be shared so that I could reach and help those I was meant to serve. Not only were you able to dive right into what was really important and use my stories to create connection with readers but you did it with my voice. Your copy isnt flashy just to hustle people in and get sales. You valued connection and authenticity and I cant tell you how much I appreciate that!

Staci Millard

Business Coach and Profit Strategist

Browse our signature social media packages

You’re not here to convince people to believe in what you do. You’re here to show them why they need you. This is why you need a social strategy that feels aligned to you and your business goals, and the customized branded content to match.

Package One:


This package is for the entrepreneur who still wants to keep content creation in-house but is looking for strategic support and real results.

It includes:

Social strategy outlining your goals, vision, story, brand voice, pillars and content focus.
Monthly content calendars outlining key goals, content themes, content structure, calls to action.
Sourcing reel audio.
Weekly IG story prompts.
Weekly post topics and prompts.
60-minute monthly strategy call.

Package Two:


This is for the entrepreneur who has a knack for Canva and loves to create their own reels, but needs some serious help with their caption game and content strategy.

It includes:

Social strategy outlining your goals, vision, story, brand voice, pillars and content focus.
Monthly content calendars outlining key goals, content themes, content structure, calls to action.
Reel strategy, audio and topic ideas.
Weekly IG story prompts.
Copy for weekly social media captions.
60-minute monthly strategy call.

Package Three:


This package is for the biz owner who is ready to outsource their content creation to a team they can call their own, and values a collaborative partnership.

It includes:

Everything in package two, in addition to...

Reel strategy, audio, prompts and minor editing.
Creation of weekly IG stories.
Content creation for weekly social media posts and captions.
Graphic templates for posts, stories and reels.
Scheduling all posts in advance.
Basic analytical reporting.
Before I hired Web of Words I was struggling to show up consistently on social media and had very little strategy around what I was posting. After outsourcing this to them, I was able to post regularly, and not surprisingly, had my highest cash months. It felt great having experts in my corner to articulate my thoughts and strategies in such a powerful way!

The Web of Words team is so freaking good at knowing the right questions to ask to pull your thoughts and strategies out of you. They then take what you say and create the most amazing content with it. It feels like I wrote it, but way better than I could write it! They nail it every time.

Sarah Lambert

Business Coach

Streamline your social media strategy for success

Stop feeling sleazy about selling on social and start creating high-converting content with confidence.

Does it take you forever just to write a single Instagram post? Are you tired of putting in all that time and effort only to see low engagement rates and hear crickets in the DMs?

Our 1:1 Social Strategy Sessions are as unique as you are, customized for you and your needs.

Here’s your chance to:

Get clear on your brand mission and the pillars of your marketing strategy.

Niche down and start serving your dream clients with content they love.
Craft captions with purpose and own your influence in the feed.
Streamline your content creation and exceed your business goals

Investment: $495 +HST (includes a 90-minute session + content calendar template and follow up).

Fill out the quick and easy application form below to get started.

The social media Strategy Session with Web of Words has me feeling confident and excited to launch a social media account for my new business. Giustina really understood my direction and was able to provide me with so many great tips and tools to get started. This was a really valuable session for me, I would recommend it to anyone trying to make an impact on social media.

Shannon Kemp

Ice Works Bath Co.

Show, don’t tell

We’re not just here to tell you what we do, we want to show you what we’ve done so you can see for yourself.

No more playing small.


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