Feel SEEN as the unstoppable CEO you really are.

Step into your power, expand your impact and grow your business your way with The Unfiltered Mastermind.

You believe you can have it all…

A thriving business, the dreamiest clients, a team to support you, and a family that feels your presence and love (if you’re into that).

But you’re feeling deflated after scrolling through your feed, watching all the “gurus” making it look so easy.

You started your own business out of a burning desire to have a real impact on people’s lives. But the constant pressure to do more and be more is too much to carry on your own.

Instead of taking big action toward your dreams, your imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis is keeping you stuck.

Sure, the flexibility of being your own boss is cool, but no one told you just how isolated and alone you would feel in your struggles.

It’s like everyone else on Instagram has it all figured out, and your friends who work in the corporate world just… don’t… get it.

For me, this mastermind is a group of people/women who are committed to their own growth while supporting each other’s growth. Being surrounded by people who want to see you succeed is everything. This mastermind nurtures the parts of entrepreneurship outside of the selling/sales/margins, the parts that get you to the sales, the parts that aren’t always fun or easy but are necessary for growth and longevity.

Alexandra Cipullo

We see you and we created The Unfiltered Mastermind just for you.

This is your chance to:


Find your expanders—the ones who are doing what you want to do—and see to believe what’s possible for you so you can manifest your deepest desires.


Get clarity on your business, brand messaging and marketing strategy so you can attract dream clients and scale your biz sustainably doing the kind of work you are obsessed with.


Show up as you are, ask questions, lean on the support of the group, get feedback from the entire WOW team, and build the kind of relationships that will be instrumental to your biz growth.

Every week, our members join IN PERSON to share ideas, give honest feedback, and support one another through our wins and our lessons.

Connecting online is powerful and all, but building connections face-to-face unlocks a whole new level of potential.

Just think where you’ll be six months from now if you have the support and accountability you need to reach your goals.

I signed up for the mastermind with a very specific end goal in mind, but what I ended up taking away was so much more. The conversations in here are expansive. I realized I was running towards something that was actually out of alignment for me.

Now I have the tools, the support and that much-needed spark to pivot and move forward. I had to re-sign for four more months because it feels like we’ve come so far yet we’re only getting started!

Samantha Gibson


6 months of in-person meetings once per week, including special member-led sessions and hot seat coaching to give you the strategy, mindset and messaging support you’ve been searching for.

Access to group chat on Slack where you can continue to build relationships, ask questions and get real-time feedback.

A BONUS 1:1 call with Carly and real-time feedback from Carly and/or the WOW team.


*Payment plan also available for as little as $655 per month.

Are you ready to kick it up a notch?


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